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2 November 2020 - 16 November 2020
Smart City Business Event: The Road to Smart City Live

Co-create Future Cities

The road to Smart city Live

This event is the road to Smart City Live. Smart City Live is organised by FIRA as an online edition of the Smart City Expo World Congress in Barcelona. Smart City Live is about what is available now, and current tenders running in cities. This event is focused around 2 other things; developing the innovation system within Europe and be connected in an early stage of developing solutions for city challenges. The focus around innovation and cooperation for solutions for the future is what is setting this event apart from the tradeshow Smart City Live.

The purpose of this Digital Event is to provide government, city representatives, start-ups, SME’s, corporates, experts and investors with a platform to initiate long-term partnerships. National organizations and cities from all over the world will be brought together to establish new alliances and build on existing ones. Innovators and experts will share their solutions and it will be a great opportunity for investors with a smart city focus to find investment opportunities.

Focus areas are:

  • The Business Case for Climate Neutral Cities
  • Smart and Green Mobility
  • AI in the City
  • Climate Adaptation
  • League of International Testbeds
  • Smart City Financing and Investments
  • Resilient Cities
  • Circular Economy
  • Healthy urban Living
  • Safety & Security

The Event will offer you:

  • Insights in business development opportunities
  • Networking and Match-making
  • Keynotes, business oriented workshops and roundtables
  • Inspiration and interactive knowledge-sharing
  • Innovation Showcasing & Investors

The Event builds on the success from last year when it was hosted in Barcelona in relation to the Smart City World Expo. Last year we welcomed 500 participants from all over the world to join in. The feedback was very positive and participants particularly liked that is was action-oriented and interactive with the workshops and the match-making possibilities. In fact, since the Event, many new international alliances has been formed and great progress is being made.

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